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Commercial Credit Consulting

'A Sales Organization's Best Friend'- As s Director of Credit and GBS developer, I grow revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk for businesses of all sizes; across all industries. I build the interface between Sales, Credit, and Management, with exceptional and measurable results. I achieve performance with passion, by building teams, and by staying on the leading edge.                                                                 #internationalcredit #commercialcredit #OTC #ordertocash #directorofcredit #commercialcreditmemphis #salesorganizationsbestfriend    

My goal as a consultant or Director of Credit, is to develop teams and processes to maximize sales, mitigate risk and solidify a company's appetite for risk.  How?

Servant Leadership

Communicating, developing, and working side by side with team members. 

Dynamic Tools

Score Development- praised for comprehensiveness comparable to trade insurers. 

Integrated Processes

Working as a partner to Sales and other departments to streamline processes;   

Finding Lost Sales Opportunities or Solutions  

Mining and approving inactive accounts, mending trade relationships, finding markets and prospects, smoothing the selling process and providing feedback to Sales.   

Industry experience 

Consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, metals/auto, durable goods manufacturers, specialty paper,

integrated logistics, electrical, plumbing, scientific glassware, airport lighting, garments, restaurant equipment. 

Career Highlights

Managed up to $300M, AR; Established $75M credit limits; Managed multiple teams to industries' best DSOs and DPDs; Developed 'scoring models' for high profile global companies; Avoided $10M+ in losses; anticipated high profile bankruptcies mitigating losses; negotiated an international  $10M standby letter of credit; Managed letters of credit and supplier DAs totaling in the hundreds of millions, without loss; Assumed bankruptcy claims management to large recoveries; Managed through reorganizations; Mitigated fraudulent bankruptcy claims; Coordinated with the FBI and the CMP on bank fraud cases; Project leader to integration and execution lockboxes. 

Systems and integrations

Business-side lead for SAP, Oracle Cloud, Infor, GetPaid for credit, collections, billing, and cash application. Brought collections in-house. 


 Startups/spin-offs, tightly-held private companies, SOX, JSOX, international credit, outsourced collections.  

Source/Resource Expert

Bankruptcy law, financial analysis, international credit and bank instruments, country risk and sanctions, fraud identification.  

#internationalcredit #commercialcredit #OTC #ordertocash #directorofcredit #commercialcreditmemphis #salesorganizationsbestfriend    

Best Regards.




Rutgers University 


   BA Economics, concentration in Finance






Royal Doulton USA -Certificate of Appreciation 

Hartmann Luggage -Financial Solutions in Business Award

Citicorp -MVP 

Training Courses 

Dale Carnegie - City of Philadelphia Event Volunteer

ToastMasters International


Recommendations and Commendations Available


Winer Industries

Lenox, Gorham, Dansk, Kirk-Steiff, Hartmann Luggage  

Curtis-Young Corporation

Cooper- Crouse-Hinds (Eaton)

Wabash Alloys (Aleris)

Mueller Industries 

Power & Telephone

Verso Corporation 


Robert J, Johnston, MBA.
Prior member of NACM, FCIB, ICTF and FENG 

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